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  PDA (PiIe Driving Analyzer) Test  
1.0 PDA Test - Complete Testing Services In Deep) Foundation Piles
1.1 Dynamic Testing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd, provides complete specialist works in ''Dynamic Pile Testing'' services or commonly called PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer) Test on foundation plies. We also provide CAPWAP analysts and WEAP analysts on piles.
1.2 We have a team of specialist engineers, experienced in foundation engineering to provide you with an efficient, safe and accurate method of testing pile capacity using dynamic method.
A) PDA field test conducted by experienced engineers using Case simplified method to determine the static capacity of piles.
B) CAPWAP analysis (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program) to determine more accurate estimates of static pile capacity using pile-mass spring model.
C) WEAP analysis to determine the optimum driving criteria and appropriate diving hammer or determine suitable drop hammer and height to test piles.
2.0 PDA Field Test
2.1 We operate the latest model of PDA manufactured by PDI (Pile Dynamics lnc. USA)
2.2 The system involves - PDA (Pile Driving Analyzer) signal processing unit
- Strain transducers, accelerometers & PDA cables
- Hammer to impact the pile
2.3 Transducers & accelerometers are attached near pile top and cables connect the transducers system to the PDA main unit.
2.4 Pile will be impacted with a few hammer blows (at least one blow) to obtain the force-velocity signal versus time. PDA will use the Case-Goble closed form solutions and solve the wave equations to obtain the following results: -
a) Static resistance (Rs) and Dynamic soli resistance (Rdn)
b) Maximum Pile stress
c) Pile integrity evaluation
d) Hammer efficiency
e) Pile top movement
Results for each blow can be stored in floppy disk for later replay and further analysts.
3.0 CAPWAP Analysis
3.1 The CAPWAP system was developed by Pile Dynamics Inc, Ohio, USA to analyse the PDA data and obtain more accurate and detailed results:-
a) Static capacity
b) Complete distribution of resistance along the skin and end bearing
c) Load settlement behaviour
  The software analysts is based on mass-lump spring model which uses curve matching technique to match the force -velocity or wave up/down curves obtained from computation and field measurement. Typical results from CAPWAP analysts is attached.
4.0 Test Report
4.1 On completion of all field work a final report covering all aspects of the pile monitoring and analysts work will be prepared. This report will incorporate results of the PDA monitoring, and results of all CAPWAP computer analyses. The results of the CAPWAP analysts will be compared to the PDA results and correlations will be drawn between the CAPWAP results and the PDA field monitoring results.
5.0 Test Recognition
5.1 PDA Test is recognised and specified in various international engineering standards and codes of prance such as: -
a) ASTM (American Standard of Testing Materials) D4945-89
b) BS8004 (British Standard - Foundation Code)
c) ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) Piling Specifications
d) Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual (1992 - Canadian Geotechnical Society)
6.0 DTS Experiences
6.1 Dynamic Testing Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been In operation in Singapore since early 1990 providing dynamic pile testing services to the local construction industry. More than 500 over piles (RC piles, steep piles and bored plies) are dynamically tested each year as a supplement or substitute method of test to conventional static load test.
7.0 Advantages of PDA Test
a) Time Savings. Duration of test can be about 15 - 30 minutes for each test.
b) Cost Savings. Savings can go as low as about 10% of the cost using conventional static load test.
c) Provide more detailed information then static test such as: -
- static capacity
- pile defects
- hammer performance
- driving stress (tension and compression)
- skin faction and toe resistance








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